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Divisions Grow as a Downturn Rocks Europe

Six years after being struck by economic crisis, Europe is facing a fresh downturn, with few new ideas on the table for reigniting growth and deepening political divisions over the austerity policies that many blame for worsening the malaise.

The whole point of this blog is to illustrate the fact that the world economies are not going to get better. Every “advancement” since the Industrial Revolution has been due to easy access to oil. Demand has never been higher (and ever increasing) while supply is dwindling rapidly. Never minding the environmental effects caused by industrialization and how those effects will play a role in the global food supply in the short term.

The peak is over. Industrialization is in full decline.

- NY Times

A Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt

The easy oil is gone, even the difficult and expensive to extract oil is heavily depleted.

- The Tyee

Atlantic City facing unprecedented economic collapse

- Philadelphia News

Feds Investigating Huge Wave Of Cyberattacks On JP Morgan, Other Banks

- Forbes

You are “free” (to work).

You are “free” (to work).

"A war without bullets": Rising trade tensions a long-term threat

Don’t call it a “trade war” but protectionist battles are cropping up with increased frequency, most notably with Russia and China.

"This is a war without bullets," says David Nelson, chief strategist at Belpointe Capital. "It’s more than a skirmish…there’s a wave of protectionism around the world."

- Yahoo! Finance

Hamar wedding dress

Hamar wedding dress

Global warming is already here and could be irreversible, UN panel says

- Guardian

Cell phone.

Cell phone.

Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find

- SF Gate

Expert Explains In Detail How The Next Shock Will Shatter The Global Economy
If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
To have and have not

- Economist

The U.S. government’s creeping war on journalists

- Salon

Oakland, Ferguson solidarity protests.

Oakland, Ferguson solidarity protests.